History of Tango Music Over The Ages

Tango originated from the deep bowels of Buenos Aires and managed to capture the attention of the world with its burst of energy. Initially, a mix of traditional and native music was a part of the tango dance. However, as time went on, this evolved to form a new dance and music. By 1880s the term tango had made an emergence in the mainstream dance world and become quite popular in the dancing industry.
Since Buenos Aires was a poor city, tango was often practiced by the poorer sections of the society. With several immigrants arriving from Europe into Buenos Aires, several different additions and changes were made to the dance forms practiced till date. Children started learning this mix of music and dance at a young age, and passing it onto the next generations they grew older. This led to tango becoming the form that is recognized by everyone all over the world today. As time went by, tango started moving up the social ladder and is no more considered a dance for the poorer part of the society.
As the First World War began, several developments were stopped all over the world. However, it is during this time period that the first tango music and dance were recorded for posterity. Once the War ended, tango again dominated the world of music and dance, enticing many people to graduate towards this interesting dance form. Many famous tango dancers also managed to create a name for themselves in the film world with their sheer talent at tango. Till 1990, tango seemed to undergo a slow growth due to several political and economic issues. By the turn of the century, people started turning to previous dance forms, and several tournaments and international festivals also started popping up. Tango has been able to transcend through several years due to the sheer beauty it offers. This complicated dance is often considered a favorite among talented dancers of every era.

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